Markets Served

PurePak provides high quality services in packaging

When it comes to packaging, labeling, storage, and salvaging operations, few companies in the United States can compete with PurePak.

Historically, we offer expertise in packaging dry items such as nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and sprouted products, but our facility and technology allows us to accommodate markets for a wide range of dry products larger than a grain of rice.

PurePak is pleased to serve all customers’ packaging, labeling, and re-labeling, as well as customers in search of salvaging operations. With a large facility featuring ample storage capacity, convenient loading and unloading docks, and the capacity to package up to 50,000 bags in 24 hours, we meet the needs of customers in a variety of markets.

So, whether you are looking for packaging services, private or pre-made labels, storage and distribution, or salvaging operations, look no further than PurePak. We offer efficient, high quality services and utilize brand new packaging and storage equipment.

We are located in a Californian agricultural and industrial center with quick access to major transportation routes. We deliver to your facility or directly to your customer so you never need to worry about your distribution needs.

Ultimately, PurePak is dedicated to collaborating with our customers in every market we serve so that we can offer fast and reliable services and the highest quality packaging and labeling products. Contact PurePak today to find out more about how we can meet and exceed your packaging and labeling needs. From design to delivery, there is no task too challenging for the PurePak team.