Co-Packing Service

PurePak provides high quality services in packaging

PurePak combines extensive industry experience, state of the art technology

As a purveyor of a wide range of packaging and labeling services, PurePak combines extensive industry experience, state of the art technology, and an unrelenting focus on quality, efficiency, and durability to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their packaging and labeling experience. PurePak is a reliable partner to food manufacturers and we offer exceptional private label / co-packing services. The PurePak facility is located in California and is designed to manage all manner of private label / co-packing operations no matter how large or small the task. We offer 250,000lbs of storage space, the capacity to process up to 50,000 packages a day, and a full range of labeling services including design services. Our expertise is founded in packaging food products such as nuts, seeds, and dried fruits, but we offer private label / co-packing services for any dry product larger than a grain of rice.

At PurePak, we are proud to offer our services on projects of any size, and our team can help you design and deliver your product and packaging to your unique specifications. We can provide an impressive array of packaging options including a variety of pouches and bags that are available in a wide range of sizes. Ultimately, PurePak aims to deliver on your ideal packaging vision.

Plus, PurePak can store and distribute your products in whichever manner works best for you and your company. Whether that means delivery direct to your facility or distribution to your customers, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure total satisfaction in all their packaging and labeling needs.