Salvaging Operations

PurePak provides high quality services in packaging

PurePak specializes in packaging and labeling products, but our services extend far beyond.

In addition to our storage and distribution capabilities, we are also excited to offer salvaging operations such as sorting and re-packaging. Utilizing industry leading technology and resources, PurePak delivers effective, efficient, and affordable salvaging operations to our clients throughout North America.

With a California-based operational centre with the capacity to store more than 250,000lbs of product on our floors and shelves, PurePak is uniquely poised to manage all our sorting and re-packaging needs. We meet and exceed food safety and packaging requirements, meaning we are well-suited to sort, select, and repack food-grade items for optimal quality.

PurePak offers many exceptional salvaging operations services including relabeling, mixing and matching, repackaging, and more. So, whether you need to rectify an incorrect label or repackage items for promotional purposes, PurePak can help.

Plus, we offer comprehensive packaging and labeling services from some of the best trained and experienced staff in the industry. We specialize in dry food products such as nuts, seeds, grains, and dried fruits, but we can handle any dry products that are at least the size of a grain of rice.

Our packaging technology and software is state of the art which means we can pack, repack, label, and sort your products in a timely manner without losing our focus on integrity and quality.

For more information about salvaging operations including the range of services we provide and pricing options, contact PurePak today.