Side Gusset Pouch Packaging

PurePak provides high quality services in packaging

When you are looking for flexible packaging options, PurePak delivers.

As one of the leading packaging companies located in California, we serve our North American client base with a range of attractive, durable, reliable, and affordable packaging options including side gusset pouch packaging.

PurePak’s side gusset pouch packages are similar to the types of packages you commonly find used for coffee and tea. Side gusset pouches are cost-effective packages that maximize storage capacity and allow for easy sealing and resealing of dry items including nuts, dried fruits, sprouted items, and many other dry products. With gussets on either side of a sturdy seal, side gusset pouches are easy to open and close. Plus, the side gusset pouch packages offered by PurePak feature a squared bottom so they stand easily when filled. This allows for convenient storage of items and makes them an excellent choice for shelf display.

Additionally, our professional packaging and labeling team at PurePak can assist you at every stage of the packaging process. Our design team will help you with custom or pre-made label designs that showcase your product so it stands out from competitor products. We can then process up to 50,000 pouches per 24 hours in our California-based packaging and labeling facility. PurePak is proud to offer our clients storage and distribution services as our facility can accommodate more than 250,000lbs of product for delivery to our clients or directly to your consumers.

PurePak is a one-stop solution for all your packaging and labeling needs. Speak to us today for more information about our side gusset pouch packaging or our many fine packaging alternatives.