Slider-Zipper Packaging

PurePak provides high quality services in packaging

Among the many sealing choices offered by PurePak, one of the most popular options is slider zipper packaging.

Our slider zipper packaging is available in a range of sizes and materials that allow us to construct packages to each of our clients’ unique specifications. Slider zipper bags are easy to use and allow for quick and convenient re-sealing of packaged products.

Whether your packaging needs included dry food products or other small dry items, slider zipper pouches from PurePak are durable, reliable, and affordable. Our packaging facility allows us to process up to 50,000 pouches in 24 hours, and we even have the capacity to store and distribute your product direct from our facility in California.

Slider zipper packages are among the most flexible packaging options that are generally considered easier and more reliable than press close zippers. Many major food manufacturers have turned to slider zipper pouches as they are an efficient and effective alternative to traditional zipper bags. And you would think that the production costs of slider zipper packages would be prohibitive, but when you balance improved customer appeal, PurePak identifies slider zipper pouches as an affordable choice that satisfies consumers.

Contact PurePak today for more information about our slider zipper packaging or our other fine packaging options. And remember, we offer much more than just packaging so we can help you from early label design phases right through to finally getting your product to market. Our packaging is professional, durable, and attractive which is why our customers choose PurePak for all their packaging, labeling, storage, and distribution needs.