PurePak welcomes all customers for packaging, labeling and re-labeling services


Up to 50,000 bags per 24 hours capacity.

Storage Capacity

For over 250,000lbs on racks and floor.

Storage Facility

for incoming and outgoing products with convenient loading/unloading.

For unparalleled packaging and labelling services in California, discerning customers choose PurePak. While we specialize in packaging and labelling nuts, we are proud to provide customized services for a wide variety of dry items. We also can pack ground coffee. Our services are efficient, reliable, and flexible and we endeavor to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

About Us

PurePak provides high quality services in packaging under private label / co-packing (as well as under our own) in pre-made bags, labeling and re-labeling packages.

PurePak has its own storage facility for incoming and outgoing products with high storage capacity, fast and reliable services, brand new packaging equipment and storage racks.

We facilitate your packaging, storage, and delivery needs through the entire packaging process from early design phases to the final product. Most importantly, we have expertise with a wide range of products and offer packaging, labeling, and re-labeling on pouches, bags, bottles, cans, and more. We even operate our own storage facility so we can manage incoming and outgoing products at high volumes. In fact, we can process up to 50,000 packages in a 24-hour turn around with storage exceeding 250,000lbs.


PurePak can package nuts, seeds, dried fruits, sprouted products, vegetable, fruit chips, freezer dried products, pasta, cereal, buckwheat, quinoa, beans, coffee, rice cacao nibs, coconut shavings, goji berries, etc.


At PurePak, our goal is simple – deliver the best packaging and labelling services that meet the unique specifications of each of our clients without compromising efficiency, reliability, or quality. Our comprehensive array of services allows us the flexibility to collaborate with each of our clients with a passion and dedication that is unrivalled in the packaging industry. We do it all!

Stand up Zipper Pouches

PurePak is proud to provide a wide variety of packaging options including stand up zipper pouches. Widely used for packaging food and other dry items, our stand up zipper packages are a great choice for displaying your unique products.

Private Label Packaging

PurePak aspires to lead the industry in packaging and labeling, and we strive for this goal by combining the most advanced technology, brand new packaging equipment, and efficient and reliable services with customer-focused collaboration.

Package Design

PurePak packaging and labeling services are extensive – not only do our clients serve a variety of markets, but we offer fully customizable services that allow you to choose from a range of package types and label designs.

Side Gusset Pouch Packaging

When you are looking for flexible packaging options, PurePak delivers. As one of the leading packaging companies located in California, we serve our North American client base with a range of attractive, durable, reliable, and affordable packaging


In the product packaging and labeling industry, there is much more to consider than developing new designs and packages. PurePak is a California-based packaging and labeling specialist with services that often begin with package

Storage & Distribution

PurePak is a leading packaging and labeling service provider located in California that serves customers throughout North America. While we offer an impressive array of packaging and labeling services including package and label design

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Where we are located?

PurePak facility is located in the heart of California agricultural and industrial center. It provides easy access to freeways which means your products can be delivered fast to your desired location including directly to your customer.



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