PurePak can do packages in laminated film designed by you or we can help you with design (separate fee applies depending on scope of work). We also can order bags for you. We welcome small and big orders!


We can provide fast and efficient service for labeling or re-labeling your products for different kind of products – pouches, bags, bottles, cans and so on

Salvaging Operations

PurePak provides customized salvaging operations for your products. Please contact us for pricing!


PurePak main business is nuts. California almonds is our number one product. Pure and organic they are the great source of fiber and protein!

Please note that we are a peanut-free facility!


About Us

PurePak provides high quality services in packaging under private label (as well as under our own) in pre-made bags, labeling and re-labeling packages, as well as salvaging operations.

PurePak has its own storage facility for incoming and outgoing products with high storage capacity, fast and reliable services, brand new packaging equipment and storage racks.



PurePak can package nuts, seeds, dried fruits, sprouted products and many other dry items that are at least the size of grain of rice. We provide packaging for pre-made bags of laminated film, 3 – 5mil, with bag width of 4” to 9.85”, bag length 4” to 12”, with weights from 1oz to 5lbs. Pouch patterns include flat, stand-up, slider-zipper as well as gusset pouch. All with the speed of up to 35 bags per minute or approximately 50,000 bags per 24 hours!



PurePak welcomes all customers for packaging, labeling and re-labeling as well as salvage operations. Our facility has enough space to satisfy every customer needs.


Packaging - up to 50,000 bags per 24 hours capacity


Storage capacity for over 250,000lbs on racks and floor


Storage facility for incoming and outgoing products with convenient loading/unloading (one truck ramp & 3 more truck doors)

Where we are located

PurePak facility is located in the heart of California agricultural and industrial center. It provides easy access to freeways which means your products can be delivered fast to your desired location including directly to your customer.


Feel free to contact us for enquiries.

Email: info@purepackpro.com
Call: +1 (805) 981-0007