About Us

PurePak provides high quality services in packaging

PurePak is a California-based packaging and labeling company.

PurePak is a California-based packaging and labeling company that can help you transform your product into a uniquely recognizable brand. We combine years of industry experience with a dedication to innovation and satisfaction to deliver truly unique and eye-catching packaging designs.

We specialize in providing products that fit a wide range of markets. While we specialize in nuts, we strive to be an industry-leading label converter that creates stunning packaging and branding solutions that drive sales and promote our clients’ overall success. We combine a focus on reliability and efficiency with the highest quality packaging products to exceed each of our clients’ individualized packaging expectations.

Whether you have a clear sense of your packaging and labelling needs or you are looking for expert advice from inception to product delivery, PurePak offers the industry expertise and skills to make your packaging visions a reality.

Our portfolio is extensive, and we offer a wide range of services.
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Salvaging operations
  • Promotional products and consultation
  • Innovative design services
  • Customizable packaging and labeling options
  • Storage and distribution services
With a large storage facility that can accommodate 250,000lbs of product storage, and the ability to process up to 50,000 bags in 24 hours, PurePak is uniquely positioned to accommodate all your packaging and labeling needs. We aim to serve all our customers’ packaging needs with expertise in packaging everything from nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and sprouted products to dry items that are at least the size of a grain of rice. PurePak is dedicated to offering the best and most comprehensive packaging and labeling services in the United States and beyond.


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Alex Silagin
General Manager

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Shift Manager

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Chief Engineer

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QA Manager